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HPF Team Member Gudmundur Stefansson Runner-Up in IAU Dissertation Prize

We are thrilled to announce that HPF Team Member Dr. Guðmundur Stefánsson was recently recognized as one of two runners-up for the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) Division B (Facilities, Technology, Data Science) PhD Prize to Recognize Excellence in Astrophysics.  This … Continue reading

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Eternal spotshine of the spinning red suns

Introduction Much of our time on sky with HPF is dedicated to discovering exoplanets, and measuring their detailed properties.  To do this, we concentrate our efforts on older, magnetically quiet stars to minimize noise and make the planets easier to … Continue reading

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Measuring Exoplanet Atmospheres with HPF

Introduction: Transmission Spectroscopy As we have covered in previous posts, HPF was designed and built for the goal of detecting exoplanets through the Doppler motion of their host stars.  Of course, there are other astrophysics experiments that can take advantage … Continue reading

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