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The Year in Science: HPF Highlights 2014

It is important to remember that the team building HPF is not comprised of technicians dispassionately filling an order for a new machine, but instead includes many of the scientists who will eventually use the spectrograph for their own research.  … Continue reading

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The Color of Sunspots: Studying Solar Activity

In this blog, we have highlighted how stellar activity can hinder and even masquerade as planetary signals (see Gliese 581 and Gliese 667C). The stars discussed in those posts were important, not only because they may harbor habitable zone planets, … Continue reading

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More on stellar activity: an investigation of Gliese 667C

A few posts back, we explored how even with a highly precise planet-hunting instrument such as HPF, radial velocity noise from magnetic activity on our target stars may hinder our ability to detect exoplanet signals.  In that post, we used … Continue reading

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