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We Have a Cryostat

If you have been following the blog up to now, you have seen our discussion of the technical requirements and specifications for our cryostat — the giant, temperature-controlled vacuum chamber that will house the HPF instrument.  The cryostat has been in … Continue reading

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The Year in Science: HPF Highlights 2014

It is important to remember that the team building HPF is not comprised of technicians dispassionately filling an order for a new machine, but instead includes many of the scientists who will eventually use the spectrograph for their own research.  … Continue reading

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More on stellar activity: an investigation of Gliese 667C

A few posts back, we explored how even with a highly precise planet-hunting instrument such as HPF, radial velocity noise from magnetic activity on our target stars may hinder our ability to detect exoplanet signals.  In that post, we used … Continue reading

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