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G 9-40b: HPF’s first planet validation

HPF has validated its first planet called G 9-40b, a sub-Neptune sized planet (2 Earth radii) orbiting a nearby low mass M-dwarf star with an orbital period of 6 days. The paper has been published in the Astronomical Journal and … Continue reading

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NEID, HPF’s sister spectrograph

Recently, the HPF team was selected to build the NEID spectrograph, the next generation spectrograph for the 3.5m WIYN telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory, located on the Tohono O’odham reservation in Arizona. The word neid means ‘to see’ in the language of the Tohono … Continue reading

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HPF Thermal Enclosure Setup at McDonald Observatory

Three members of the HPF team recently visited McDonald Observatory in Texas recently, with two goals in mind: Install the HPF thermal enclosure Setup a temperature monitoring system in the spectrograph room Installing the HPF Thermal Enclosure The HPF spectrograph … Continue reading

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