HPF Team Member Gudmundur Stefansson Runner-Up in IAU Dissertation Prize

We are thrilled to announce that HPF Team Member Dr. Guðmundur Stefánsson was recently recognized as one of two runners-up for the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) Division B (Facilities, Technology, Data Science) PhD Prize to Recognize Excellence in Astrophysics.  This is an extremely competitive award, which is open to astronomers all over the world.

Stefansson Portrait

HPF Team Member Guðmundur Stefánsson

Dr. Stefánsson’s PhD dissertation represents a culmination of all the research he performed as a graduate student at Penn State, and includes his contributions to the HPF instrument’s development such as its vacuum chamber construction and outfitting, and its unprecedented environmental control.

Dr. Stefánsson graduated with a PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics from Penn State in 2019 and is now a Henry Norris Russell postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University. The entire HPF team congratulates Dr. Stefánsson on this well-deserved recognition.

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